Anchoring and Rock Bolting

  • Strained rope anchors for fortification of landslides, roads, anchoring of dam walls.
  • Rope Anchors for fortification of landslides, deep underground excavations including pile construction, diaphragm walls and sheet retaining walls.
  • Soil nails for fortification of underground excavations.
  • Avalanche barriers fortification.

Drilling and grouting works

  • Drilling and grouting works for construction of dam walls.
  • Consolidation of soils.
  • Grouting works.
  • Boring and injection works for rope anchors.
  • Bohring, excavation and reinforcement of vertical shafts.
  • Tunneling (NATM).

Insulation and Waterproofing of Bored Tunnels

  • Shotcrete Installation.
  • Installation of drainage and Waterproofing Membranes.
  • Installation of a grid reinforcement steel.
  • Drainage Systems and Waterstops.
  • Tunnel inner lining structures.
  • Tunnel refurbishment.